Jumping In

It’s not that I have no discipline. Or motivation. Or anything else that is a “must” for a writer. It’s that what I do have is a life. A 50 hour a week to pay the mortgage and buy essentials like, you know, food life. And I have a  three year old. That right there is like giving birth to your own personal space/time continuum distortion device. Then there’s the husband. And the dog. BIG damn dog that needs to be walked, brushed and otherwise maintained in such a way that she doesn’t get pissed enough to take a St. Bernard sized bite out of my ass as a reminder to attend to her needs. Then there’s my Mom, half mad in a nursing home and calling up to 15 times a day (which is down from last Fall’s 40+ calls a day – YAY for short term memory returning!)

So – can I produce 1000 words a day? Not so much. Can I write everyday? Probably not. Do I want to? Oh yes!!

But I clearly need a catalyst, something to make this something I can think about for more time than, say, the drop off drive to preschool. A mechanism that can inspire me to write, without degrading my dreams simply because the house payment ballooned unexpectedly. And here it is – A Round of Words In 80 Days.

A writing challenge that I might just be able to stick with for more than 3 days. Maybe. Hopefully. I can.  I will stick to it. As long as the pipes don’t burst, or that fractured tree in the sideyard doesn’t fall and suck up my time demanding mops or a chainsaw.

I’ll go now and write my goals.

Actually, I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s past six and the kiddo needs dinner.



One thought on “Jumping In

  1. …I like your Post. I can identify with it in many ways (i.e. I had a ‘run’ of daily Posts last years*).

    I tend to swing from, “damn, nobody is reading this stuff…I got to get a better ‘look’ to the blog/ I need to organize the layout better, then they will come” over to “screw the SEO, the hell with how many Readers per day…I am going to write a Post a day whether I like it or not”!! (lol)

    I wish you luck and if you would like a break (from the Post writing), stop by the Doctrine. Hell, for that matter, write us a Comment and we will send you a (nearly free) Wakefield Doctrine hat (for your damn head)!**

    *beware of the fatal trap: “wait, what about writing quality?”
    ** hat campaign courtsey of a ‘where the hell are the Readers period in mid 2010’


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