RoW in 80 Goals (ahem, ack, anathema, ack!)

Okay, here it is. Goals.

Right there on the top of my most-hated-things list, alongside “lists” (ironic, huh?)and “self-improvement seminars.”

So what are mine?

Well, first, they are a surefire was to begin hating myself within 10 days, as well as the best way possible to ensure an escalated level of hatred for both goals in general, and lists. And if you consider my commitment to the challenge to be a self-improvement exercise, it a trifecta. One only need to add clowns and that freaky Burger King that was making commercial rounds a few years ago and I’d be institutionalized.

Goal 1. Create at least one new 10 X 10 post on this blog once each week. I’ve been literally procrastinating over that for over a year. Shameful

Goal 2. Find a concise focus for the AffirmThis Blog that can be summarized in 50 words or less. Writing there is probably a good call too, but I’ll consider that a bonus, so as not to overwhelm my delicate self. 

NEW # 2 – I’m doing it. Trying to turn myself into a plotter instead of a pantser. This will be hard, but it is time to reconsider the Mother of the Year WIP and develop an outline to guide me through the past/present muddle I find myself in. I may have to scrap the 1000s of words I have in and use them more as an idea bin than the early stages of the novel it will be. I must open this at least once daily, even if I just glare at it balefully for 5 minutes.

Goal 3. Call myself out on one writing based website each week of the challenge and dump the pseudonyms. I’m such a coward – no one reads it anyway, and I can no longer lose my job over my um, stories.

NEW #3 Totally reaching off course on this one. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes each day working with Quinn on the piano. He has lately taken a keen interest in that monstrosity, so I think it is a good time to start teaching him the keys and that the little black dots on those pages match those keys. Lest you think something silly, like “what a good mom” or “how smart to teach a youngster music” know that this is not for his development alone. The piano is against the same wall that my writing station sits against. I already put my foot down and moved the drum kit upstairs, cause really, who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to put drums for a three-year old next to a work office?

Goal 4. Finish the proposal for on the Haunted House deal…the material is there, I just need to write the stupid proposal.

NEW #4 – Read and comment on as many blogs in the ROW string as possible, with a minimum of 3 reads w/ comments for each check in period. Also revamp the Rant Rave Write site to get it cleaner and, um…linkier? So I made a word up. NOT the worst thing I will do today.

Yes these things are unrelated, but if I break them up into two separate goals, I will begin to feel threatened by the volume, I’ll periodically obsess over them, which will make me mad, which then runs the risk of making me quit.

I know my limitations – I’m nothing, if not self aware.

Goal 5. Have at least one active query going at a time for the children’s book. Finding an illustrator would be a bonus.

Goal 6. Add at least two stanzas to the Seuss style book each week, and beginning the last week of November, move into restructuring the flow of the random stanza collection into one two page spread per week. Ditto on the illustrator. What in Hell happened to my drawing skills??? Nevermind.

Okay. That’s it. I’m done.

And I feel just a little bit dirty.

And of course, I’m revising it – replacing #4 (it’s too late to get the whole thing done in time for Halloween posting, so that project is shelved until next summer.

So now we are on revision #2. And beginning to veer off course. By the time December rolls around my goals will revert back to losing the holiday weight, get shopping done before Christmas and find the snow shovel. I may even get daring and through in such things as cleaning the ceiling fan. Yikes.




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