ROW Progress Check in 1

Well, I made progress, so that’s progress, right? Or something.

I did change my registered name on WordPress for one blog to my legit one, so that is a step.

I LOOKED at other formats for Rant Rave Write, but didn’t actually make any changes. Yet. But exploration comes first, so still – a stride. Or maybe that was just me standing up and stretching my legs.

And I revised my goal list. Already, so that was ahead of schedule for me.

And I have my first 10 X 10 framed out topically and that one is my biggest goal, so I’m happy.

And since this is my first check in, ever, on a ROW, here’s hoping that it was all that it should have been.

Scintillating, huh?

So much so that I wonder if there is a way to exclude the progress reports from automatically emailing to subscribers. Hmmm – they’d probably appreciate me looking into that .

And if someone could tell me how post the linky so it is visable below ROW posts, I’d sure appreciate it – I know I like being able to bounce from Blog to Blog to check other ROW participants.

Please, somebody – won’t you hold my hand?


4 thoughts on “ROW Progress Check in 1

  1. Um, I’d love to help, but am rather tech-challenged myself. Hey, I’m a medievalist, and still write with a fountain pen, only because quills are hard to find! Since you are on Twitter, shout out for help, using a #ROW80 hashtag. We’re a supportive group, so I’m sure someone will be glad to help.

    On non-techy things, I’d be glad to hold your hand! It sounds like you are making good progress on 10 x 10, so that’s great news.

    I look forward to getting to know you during the Round.


  2. I am so the wrong person to ask about the blog, I still haven’t fully figured mine out yet, but I think I read that if you have a free wordpress site you can’t post it. I could be wrong, it’s happened before.

    I seem to do okay as far as actually writing, but my blogging the results were not that stellar last round, so I’m working on that. I’ll be dogging your steps, so keep going. I just pressed the follow button. 🙂


    p.s. I love the name of your blog


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