Wait – What Was I Talking About?



I just sat down, planning to write a post about . . .


Now that I thought about the pictures, I don’t remember what I was actually writing about. This happens to me a lot. I have some sort of weird location induced ADD.

The pictures are school pictures proofs, which have a three week turn around time for ordering. I got the proofs two weeks ago. So if I get the paperwork turned in tomorrow, the 7th, let’s see 21 days later is December 28th. Too late for Christmas card enclosures.

And they have to go out. Last year we didn’t enclose pictures in  Christmas cards and we got a ration of crap from all kinds of people – how could we not enclose pictures of our son in the holiday cards?

Ahem. We um, didn’t really know that we were supposed to. Apparently this is an obligatory parenting task that no one told us about. We seem to stumble upon a lot of those. We need a handbook. Not the standard one, either. Or even the Idiot’s Guide (there is one!). We need something else. Parenting for the Terminally Oblivious.

This year, people are getting cards with pictures in them, mostly so I don’t have to listen to the critiques of our parenting skills again.

December 28th. Hmmm. New Year’s cards it is.

I’ll pack up the Christmas cards and put them away for next year. Which means I will stumble across them the following March when I clean out the attic. Or at Halloween when I go digging for the treat bucket that broke this year (I will have forgotten this fact by then).

This does mean however, that the time I would have spent putting the cards together and getting them out can be used for some other holiday prep. Free time. Yay?

So now that I’ve worked through all that, I have to figure out what to do about the location induced ADD thing I have.

It’s pretty simple – it works like this:

I think of something that needs to be done, go to the spot where I can accomplish said thing and notice something else. I then get diverted from my original task to hone in on. . . whatever.

While I am doing that second thing, I notice another thing that I got half way through on an earlier adventure, and put the second thing down to pick up this third thing, which is actually an older thing.

As a result of this, my house is full of half-dones.

I have the paperwork together to register the new car. The one which is currently sporting temporary tags that expired on November 18th.

A few days ago I meant to go to the town office and register it. On the way out the door, I noticed the giant stack of recyclables that I’ve put off taking in.

Well, the recycling center is right behind the town office. Two birds and all that, I load in the recycling and off I go.

On the way there I noticed I was low on gas. Detour to the store to refuel. Full tank, head back home. Glance in the rearview because I’m unregistered and wary of police officers following me. Notice the cardboard sticking up. Crap, I forgot about that. Cut across town to the recycling center, unload, and head for home.

And of course, the car is still unregistered.

My house is full of those. The stack of papers on top of the piano that I was headed to refile when I noticed a plate full of sandwich remains on the floor. Papers stuck on the piano while I just take care of that, and once in the kitchen, who knows where I went from there.

The Halloween make-up on top of the highboy in the dining room. I stuck that there after prying it from the dog’s mouth, but then I had to go wash all the blue off her, and once in the bathroom, again – who knows.

Full basket of clean laundry on the kitchen chair. I can only assume I was answering the door, but can’t figure out why I didn’t set it down before trekking out through the entire length of the house with something that belongs out back.

Clean cooking pot on the desk. I was putting away dishes when I noticed the eggs I was boiling had weird red stuff floating on top. Still holding the pot, I scooped a brown egg up out of the boiling mass to find it was . . .white.

Ummm – do they dye eggs prior to selling them? This I must know, as my son eats them. Detour to my office to check the web. (The answer is no, although I couldn’t find a singe explanation for my brown eggs turning white). Back to the organic local eggs.

So all over the house are the half done, the displaced and the forgotten. This post was discarded twice in the last 30 minutes. Once to check the date on the egg carton, once to find the picture form.

The egg carton is sitting beside me, on top of the clean pot. I’ll try to remember to take them back to the kitchen when I’m done.

The proofs? I have no idea where they are. They were in that spot – you know – the one where you put things so that you can find them when you need them. They were there a few days ago when I stuck the car paperwork back there.

I must have started filling out the form and gotten distracted, carrying them off to. . .

Wait – what was I doing now?


4 thoughts on “Wait – What Was I Talking About?

  1. Love it, I sometimes wish I could be a bit more disorganised! I drive everyone crazy by having cleared away things they weren’t finished with and do jobs they were ‘getting round to’ leaving them scrabbling for something to do! lol


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  3. Reminds me of the movie UP. Ever since we’ve watch it, occasionally my son will just yell Squirrel and we’ll all forget what we are doing. Yes, I’ve had those days, going from thing to thing and not finishing. My secret. Which ever room I’m in. Declutter and when I walk into the next room to put away whatever, then get distracted in that room, until I’m back to where I originally started. Lists help immensely. Have a great week!


    • Squirrel! yes! A while back I actually posted that video clip in one of my posts to illustrate how spastic I was that day. This must be why I’m a dog person! I try the room declutter now and again which often ends up in a random top to bottom house cleaning with full purge for goodwill, recycling and the whole nine yards. Lists. *sigh* I know.


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