Dye Dye, My Darling

This is unequivocally my husband’s fault. Which is in itself, ironic.

A few months ago I shelled out the cash to get a new hair cut, and a professional dye job. I went from nearly waist length hair to jaw length and from my natural muddy brown to purple. And I love it. Except the color faded with astonishing speed.


And I love color. I have had nearly every color applied to my hair that you could imagine – professional color, Miss Clairol, reductions of beet juice, and Kool-Aid. You name it and it’s been combed through. Purple, red, blue and more, in eye popping tones. The only color I have never done? Black.

So when my color faded, I thought nothing of it and hit the Manic Panic.


Yikes! My eyebrows are black. This can't stay.

Not purple enough.

Bleach. (My first time!) Yikes.

That? So not a look for me.

Moving on with a different brand of purple.

Much better. A nice, dark, vibrant purple. More like what I was shooting for.

I was perfectly happy with it.

But by then my hair was growing longer than I wanted it. So I went to a small, independent salon for a cut instead of going to Ulta where I’d had it chopped to begin with. I will never be doing that again.

Walking out all I could think of was the Simpsons episode where Marge and Homer hire a babysitter that the kids later see on America’s Most Wanted.

Worst. Haircut. Ever.

Sometime, right about then my husband started making responsible person noises. Now these noises are not his native tongue, so when he makes the effort, I listen.

Do you think you should go out there and meet all those people like that? Maybe you should dye your hair brown?

“Out there” is San Diego. “Those people” would be the entire team of people I do the majority of my contract work for. They like me. They are reliable and pay me well. They even gave me an unexpected holiday bonus, even though I technically don’t work for them. And the trip is all expenses paid.

But brown? Really? I snorted. Pfffft. I’m fine. My work speaks for itself and they are happy with it.

But he kept periodically dipping into responsible person speak. Out of the blue. And it wore on me. It was like coming to listen to the voices in my head. The voice kept talking about suits. And the president of the company. And the guy who put his neck on the block to get me the job.


So off we went to purchase dye stripper and a nice auburn brown dye.

Dye stripper first. The instructions say my hair should turn a muddy yellowish orange. That means this:


Hell-o, Mr. Pres-i-dent!



was not supposed to happen.





It was actually kind of pretty. Had it not been for the light brown roots, I would’ve kept it.

I mean the trip. Were it not for trip, I would’ve left it.

Two hours later it was dry enough to dye, but I did not have high hopes that the dye would color over the blue. Slap it on extra thick, give it an extra 20 minutes.

Last night, while it was still wet, it looked like it took, but darker than I’d anticipated.

And now, finally, in the light of the early morning I can see what I’ve ended up with.

It’s a bit less vibrant, but still pretty much the same damn thing I started with.

So there’s 5 hours of my life I won’t get back. And those are the only ones I am willing to sacrifice.

I’ll be getting on the plane with the purple locks, responsible person be damned.

I will, however be sporting a suit.



7 thoughts on “Dye Dye, My Darling

  1. I love purple! My hair has always had many colours (as you can see currently black, red, purple and blue) – I have to agree with your hubby though, as much as I get great compliments on it generally it tends to not be so well favoured in professional circles!? 😦


  2. I know – that’s why I caved. Though it’s hard to cave to someone telling you this who is currently sporting the candy apple red my husband has going on right now. But now I fear if I try again I’ll end up with hair fried beyond all redemption and I don’t have much left to cut off!


  3. I adore that purple color. I would love to go purple or pink. The most daring I’ve gone is burgundy. That blue is also awesome. I’m sure people see you as responsible whatever hair color you’re at.

    Happy New Year!


  4. I always love to color my hair. I think I have burned more brain cells via hair dye/bleach/other concoctions than most drug users have with their m.o. Responsible be damned–after all, actions supposedly speak more loudly than appearances, right? So just prove you are both responsible AND have pretty hair :).

    So… I should NOT go to Ulta to have my hair cut… Thanks for that tip!


    • If you want to cover a color use a color on the opposite side of the wheel. To cover purple which is made from blue and red you need yellow to make it brown. Stripping it more might not be good but you can add color without harm. So no chlorine or peroxide.


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