December Blogger of the Month – OrangeSpiceDrop

In November I was granted the inaugural Blogger of the Month award from Sharon Howard. Unlike some Blog awards, this one is a piece of cake HA! piece of cake! (See, that’s funny because there’s a cupcake in the. . . nevermind)

All you have to do to claim it, is to post the icon and hand the award on the following month…no hoops to jump through. Considering I rarely even remember trash collection day, this is a big plus for me.

Some people scoff at the different Blog awards going around, unless it’s a big one sponsored by an organization like Writer’s Digest. To them I say – Wow, how big is your ego?

Getting an award means you have informed, touched or amused at least one person significantly. Isn’t that one of the main reasons you write? And you’re bound to get some new traffic out of the deal too, so really, what is there to scoff at?

Thinking you folks might stroll around with the level of hubris that seems to have inspired SlushPile Hell, one of my new favorite check in places.

And so for the award, I’m giving that to Diane, at Orangespicedrop. She routinely makes me laugh – her post What I Wanted to Say to the Bakery Lady made my day a while back and I love seeing her new posts in my feed.

Go see her. Follow her.


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