A New Year’s Question For You, Baby.

Quinn has two families. A blood family and a skin family. He came up with these terms after I explained the relationship between him, me, my parents and my grandfather.

The “blood” family are those people who make up our big family circle – aunts, uncles, grandparents. The “skin” family is his term for those people we love, who have no family tree link, like my friend Steph and his friends from school.

He’s tried a number of times to convince me to add one of his school friends to our blood family so he can have a sibling. He does not seem impressed by the thought of jail time for me on kidnapping charges.

Apparently sensing a roadblock from me, he turned to his father. I discovered that this morning when Quinn came to me, sat on the chair next to me while I took my first sips of coffee.

Mama. When am I going to have a sister?

Well, buddy. You’re probably not going to have a blood sister.

That’s not what Daddy said and Daddy’s right. (Daddy is always right)

Wait. What? WHAT???

Daddy says I can have a sister if you can go see a doctor and a doctor can let you have a baby sister for me ’cause you’re old, but maybe not too old. So go tell the doctor to give you the special hug, ’cause I want a sister.

The sweet earnestness in his voice couldn’t overwhelm the fact that there are so many things wrong with that thought process that I don’t know what to kill my husband for first.

1. Getting Quinn’s hopes up, even a tiny bit.

2.  WTF? Since when am I old?

3.  Special hug? That so did not come from me.

4. Even if we clear all the other stuff away, brothers are just as likely as sisters.

I couldn’t voice any of that to Quinn, so I just stared stupidly at him for a moment, then announced that it was time for breakfast.

So, first an open question to my husband: What the fuck were you thinking???

And second, an open question to me. What the fuck are you thinking?

‘Cause now I’m thinking.




3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Question For You, Baby.

  1. lmao, ohh dear I remember this one – my daughter didn’t give up asking me to have another sibling for her until she turned 14 (I was sterilised by then also! lol). Apparently an older brother wasn’t good enough, she wanted a baby she could help look after (as if that would happen!) thankfully she is not yet thinking of having her own after I let her down (She’s 17 now!) Good luck! lol


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