My Brain: The Musical: A List in 10 Parts

I think if you took my psyche apart and laid it out for people to see, anyone who looked at it would be sure to think they were looking into the minds of several different people. These songs are always in there, mocking me or keeping me company. I’m not really sure.

1. Kiss Off – Violent Femmes

Pretty much everyone I know, fans of the Femmes or not, has at one time or another worked the segment that starts at 1:40. Even if this is not your music, this part might stay around for a while.

2. Everywhere I Go – Moose A. Moose

Sometimes, just sometimes, being a parent makes me want to cut myself. Make. It. Stop.

3. Puttin’ On the Ritz.

And Yes. This version. I can kick ass at that Peter Boyle part. That is SO fun to do in airports.

4. One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head

This had been rolling around in my head for years.Since 1984 to be exact. I get my kicks above my waistline, sunshine.

5. Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Ethyl Merman

My inner monologue is sarcastic. Whenever everything sucks, that’s when this gem is whipped out by my psyche. And I’m compelled to belt it out loud enough to damage my vocal chords

6. Circle of Friends – Phil Oachs

This song is a freak show, so chipper and cheery sounding with such an appalling societal message. It pops into my head whenever I hear a news story that references onlookers. And if you’ve never heard it, you should listen to at least this one.

7. Buzzbomb Passedena – Dead Kennedys – This song? Makes me drive really fast.

8. What Should I Be? – Garfield (yes, the cartoon cat)

This is in my head every time I job hunt or have any sort of identity crisis. It did however, inspire me to write a children’s book that’s halfway done, so um, there’s that?

9. No Children – The Mountain Goats

Heard this the first time on Moral Orel, a show the sensitive shouldn’t watch, as it’s totally irreverent. But funny. Very funny.

10. Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

I’m pretty sure I am the only person alive that listens to this all year. It’s been stuck in my head since 1994. I’m sorry.

And this? Is the only acceptable version.

11. I’m Back – Eminem

Number 10 is a cop-out and utterly ridiculous, so here’s a bonus. Aren’t you excited? And I don’t care what anyone says – profanity aside this is a man who understand meter and rhyme, though there are better examples. Ok, nevermind, I’ll stop justifying – I just like Eminem.

So there you go – My Brain: The Musical. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “My Brain: The Musical: A List in 10 Parts

  1. Cool idea. I love Young Frankenstein. I still remember my dad laughing hysterically at this scene when I was a kid. Sadly, I have never seen anyone perform it at the airport.


    • I have done this several times in airports – I’m normally really quiet, not by shyness, just choice and I used to amuse a co-worker by randomly busting into something absurd or taking any stupid behavior bet going! Glad you stopped by!


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