Tuesday is Hard, When You’re an Idiot

Today is Tuesday. I am smart. Quinn’s birthday is next Wednesday. I leave for California in two days.

I am struggling with even these little statements. So much so that I am not sure on that second one right now.

Quinn’s birthday falls on a school day, and he is very excited about this. A Montessori school birthday makes the birthday child the center of attention.

Parents can come to school and share in special birthday snacks – Humpty Dumpty cupcakes! He’ll get to walk around the ‘sun’ four times – once for each year of his life, stopping at each circuit to show a photo of himself and talk about each of his years. He even gets to pick the book at book time.

There’s a packet we fill out, attaching those pictures and telling about Quinn through each of his years. Last time I took him to school, I asked about it, but neither of his teachers was there yet, so one of the other guards told me to text Miss Jen.

Okay, not hard. I have the number. I can type.

Send the message, get the reply, the packet will be in his folder tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Wednesday. This is Tuesday. Oh my God, I forgot to take my kid to school yesterday.

Who does that? Did I really do that? I didn’t even call the school. Better at least let them know he won’t be in on Friday either,  because of my trip.

Type them another quick message –  a thanks,  an apology for forgetting to call Monday, and a forewarning for Friday > Send.

Repsonse: Thanks for the Friday notice.

I read into this.  A bit of snarf for my Monday failure? Awesome.

I replayed Monday in my head – was I sure he didn’t go? Yeah, positive. That was the day the dog ate a hole through the living room wall and Quinn came tearing into my office when I was on the line with a client, screaming, “Mom! You have to come kill the dog!”

I spent the next little bit puzzling at my latest parenting failure. How does one totally forget their kid goes to school?

I spent 30 minutes agonizing over my latest loss of the Mother of the Year tiara –  the late apology to the teacher and a retracing of the steps that could have caused this failure.

And then, it all came together, coalescing into the simplest of thoughts.

I’m just an idiot.

Quinn doesn’t go to school on Mondays.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday is Hard, When You’re an Idiot

    • I can’t forget that! He won’t let me. Every day when I wake him up he tells me it’s his birthday. Tempting to just go with that on Sunday and get it over with – he’d never know the difference!


  1. I laughed, but only because I get it and was glad to know I’m not the only mother who has these moments where you question your own sanity and attempt to figure it out. Sending a hug!


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