Dreams Are Made of Play-Doh

Mama, help me.

That’ll bring me out of a dead sleep, no matter what, and it did the other day at 5:00 AM.

I was halfway down the stairs before I could even get my eyes all the way open. And when I get up, the dog gets up so it was a tangle of limbs and fur as we raced down to see what was wrong with Quinn.

When dog and I skidded around the corner into the kitchen, Quinn was just standing there. Breathing fine, not bleeding. No prowler or large animals in sight.

So I paused to let my brain catch up to my body.

“What’s up bud? Why’d you yell for help.”

I can’t find my patomeshyehtmemop.

Apparently my ears hadn’t caught up. “You want me to help you find something? At 5 AM?”

He nodded while the dog did her frantic morning dance, needing to pee so badly that she crossed all four legs.

“Ok, bud. let me get the dog out and I’ll help.”

Dog out, coffee started I tried again.

“Okay, bud, what do we need to find?

I expected Cutelilhumpty or the Yankee Blanky.

I need you to help me find my Play-Doh Magic Ice Cream Shop.



My Play-Doh Magic ice Cream Shop. It’s fun to play with, not to eat.


I struggled with which part of this was most wrong. Quinn getting me up at 5:00 AM to look for anything, getting me up to look for something he doesn’t even own, or the fact that he just threw a jingle line at me.

“Buddy, you don’t have the Play-Doh Magic Ice Cream Shop.”

Yes I do.

Hmmm. “Well, buddy, no, you don’t. You have Play-Doh, but not the ice cream shop. Wanna play Play-Doh?”

I have it Mama. Daddy put it in an IGA bag and put it in the cupboard because I was naughty. But now I’m good. Get it for me.

This turned out to be a loooooooong conversation. A three day conversation, in fact. And during that entire time he was adamant that he had the miraculous Magic Ice Cream Shop and was convinced that I was just being mean and holding out on him.

He’s still sure I am holding it back. He’s certain his favorite toy is languishing away in a cupboard somewhere.

His birthday is Wednesday. You can bet he’ll be getting the ice cream shop.

I hope he forgives me.


3 thoughts on “Dreams Are Made of Play-Doh

  1. My kids used have to trouble distinguishing their dreams from reality, and it sometimes was impossible to explain it all to them. He’ll forgive you, too, once he’s old enough to understand.

    I think the fact that you’re getting the Ice Cream Shop for him means that you are a great mom!


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