An Unexpected Love Story

Insomnia struck again last night. I couldn’t fall asleep until after 3:00 AM, so of course when the alarm went off 10 seconds later, my right arm woke up enough to hit the snooze bar, then fell promptly back to sleep with the rest of me.

Seven times.

That equals 49 minutes worth of over sleeping.

When I woke up, I quickly woke Quinn, who was in a rare surly mood. He didn’t want to go to school. Or brush his teeth. Or love me anymore. Awesome. Arguments ensued before we even made it down the stairs; screaming trailed out the door after me as I let the dog out.

And it’s raining.

This? Is not going to be a good day.

Food in pet bowls, clothes on me, clothes on kid, lunch in backpack. Granola bar breakfast and a plop-down in front of the TV to eat it while the dog is outside.

While Quinn ate, I raced to the back to boot up my computers and get my paperwork ready for the clients on today’s docket.

On the way back there, I read a new text on my phone. My grandfather is bleeding internally and is in the hospital. Awesome

And because I’m reading, I trip over the cat and slam my elbow into the door jamb.

SON of a. . .

And there, in the middle of the desk is this:

Do we know this guy?

My first thought was that we knew the guy in the picture. Some of my husband’s friends are. . . I’ll go with alternatively funded.

Then I noticed all the little underscores on the random letters throughout the article.

A puzzle? It’s 6:30 in the morning and he wants me to do a frigging puzzle?

Are you kidding me?

All I can think of is Ralphie from A Christmas Story and his Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring.

If this is a code to stop and pick up cigarettes on my way home I’m going upstairs to punch him awake right now.

Because I needed an excuse to stay in my office long enough to drink just a little bit of coffee, I sat down with a pen and the first piece of paper I could find – the back side to one of the Valentines I made for Quinn’s class.

Letter by letter, I went through the article, recording them as diligently as Ralphie.

When I was done, this is what I had:



9 thoughts on “An Unexpected Love Story

    • Isn’t is sweet? No one ever thinks he’d do stuff like that, but he’s been doing that stuff for almost 20 years now! That is a freaky thing to say when I’m not not even 40. He may hide in the background, but I couldn’t have picked a better person to have married. I’m hoping to stop by and see Grampa tomorrow afternoon. ❤


    • I needed to write it. It was a terrible day and having such a tiny moment made it bearable – to know that during the time he was looking through that article, marking all those letters, my husband was thinking only of loving me nearly reduced me to tears.


      • this is why I truly believe that it is the little gestures that are far more important that flashy shows of affection. Valentine’s and other events like this take that away and make everything ‘fake’.


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