Mmmmm. . . Pi

Today, just for today, I wish I didn’t have the unicorn job. I wish I was at my old workplace with a bunch of goofballs open to the absurd. If I still worked there, I would have baked this last night:


For Pi day – the 3rd month, 14th day = 3.14.

And I would have walked into work with the Pi(e) tucked away, hidden from view. Just before lunch, I would have picked a target. Probably Steph or Jay.

And I would have taken out the Pi(e) and creamed them in the face, screaming, “HAPPY PI DAY!”

This would have been funny for a number of reasons.

First, when is it NOT funny to see someone get pied in the face?

Second, a surprise attack always prompts retaliation, so the rest of the day would have been a paranoid giggle-fest.

And Third, loud, obnoxious behavior is not my standard MO, so it always throws people when I do it, a fact which amuses me to no end.

So any of you out in the real world, seeing physical humans. . . pick up a pie while you’re out.

Pi(e) someone for me.


5 thoughts on “Mmmmm. . . Pi

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  2. Hahaha! Wish I could have! Sadly, I don’t work at place that could handle pi-throwing. But what a fun fantasy…perhaps next year I’ll disguise myself and prance through the workplace throwing pi(es)…a girl can dream…


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