Betty Crocker is the Devil.

Did you know that Betty Crocker Kitchens has a YouTube Channel? With Betty Crocker chefs detailing how easy it is to create this:

Pffft - what, you won't make this for your little princess?

Or this:

This is so easy, kids will never know you nearly stuck your head in the oven!

Or this:

Just Kidding. This is from a bakery. Photo lifted from

While I appreciate that Betty wants to make us all look like SuperMom, I kind of want to burn her kitchen down. In part, because my son has discovered the site.

He’s four. And while one would thank that an illiterate 4-year-old couldn’t do much damage online, I beg to differ. Both the $253.49. Amazon shopping spree and memorized song lyrics that include “once got busy in a Burger King bathroom” prove otherwise.

Quinn now wants to bake these cakes. And I can bake. Really well. But if it takes me more than 10 minutes to decorate, it isn’t happening.

I’m busy.

And I don’t have that freaky magic oven that Betty has. When she opens her oven to slide one tray in to bake, it magically gives her a finished one. Boom. Instant cake.

My kitchen doesn’t work like that. When I open my oven, I make a mental note to buy some Oven-Off.

As a matter of  fact, her whole damn kitchen is magical. She has frosting that is already tinted and loaded perfectly into cute little pastry bags, and impeccably organized cups of candy – every type you can think of. Her ice cream cones are never a shattered mess, like mine always seem to be, and I have yet to see her bend a spoon trying to scoop ice cream.

Sure, the top two cakes are less than you’d expect from the bakery the third picture came from. But for a home cook, they’re pretty impressive.

And I’m not doing it. I’m just going to make a regular old cake. If I get fancy, I’ll frost it.

One point in my favor is that mine is 100% from scratch, right down to cracking the #@%^ing coconuts I need to make my husband’s annual pain in my ass birthday cake.

Sorry. I really hate making that cake.

But now, because of Betty, Quinn isn’t happy with a regular old cake. Not even a frosted one.

Because I’m not doing it right. I just slap on the frosting with the cake still in the pan. If it’s not a special occasion I am not breaking out a cake pedestal.

“But Mama, you need a crumb coat!”

What? What?

Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what a crumb coat is. But I’m certain those words have never crossed my lips.

What’s a crumb coat, Buddy?

“A thin layer of frosting you spread over a cake to trap any crumbs so they don’t show up on the final layer.”


He’s channeling Betty Crocker.


Betty Crocker is the devil, and she has my son.






13 thoughts on “Betty Crocker is the Devil.

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I think every parent has moments like this – I’m trying to capture some of the best of them. If nothing else, I’ll be able to embarrass him greatly when he starts dating.


  1. I’m amazing at providing cakes for birthdays. Browse, pay, take it home. I sometimes add on details – well spelled names, candles, a decorated cookie. A friend makes wonderful cakes for her kids’ birthdays, but she hates every minute of it. I prefer shelling out $20 for a cute enough cake. 🙂


    • Ouch! The worst part of ones like that is that my first instinct is always to laugh. Which does little to prevent the word from coming up again later. . . say while chatting with a waitress or a doctor.


  2. Please thank Quinn for explaining crumb coat (nearly typed cake)–you, too, of course for typing–I am old and still don’t regret not baking as is true of my many other numerous faults.

    As always, enjoyed the post.



    • Hey – glad to be of service! I’m a mean baker, but a lousy cook. Thankfully my husband is a killer cook – I served boxed tacos on my night, he makes pasta sauce from scratch on his. I say it’s a fair trade.


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