What Was Wrong With Cupcakes?

This is totally random, I know, but this morning when I checked my Twitter feed there were a bunch of comments on and links to articles about cupcakes, including this one .

All the cupcake hoopla gave me pause. What’s the big deal about cupcakes?

When I was a kid, cupcakes were simple. Usually, but not always from a box, with plain frosting. Sprinkles if we were lucky. Most of the time, they looked like this:

Which seemed perfectly fine to us, as kids. And as an adult, I still see this as perfectly fine. I’m looking for a small treat, not a life changing epicurean adventure.

But now we don’t have cupcakes.

We have cupcakes.

We have websites devoted to the baking and decorating of cupcakes, we have bakeries that specialize in the art of the cupcake, and we have a TV show illustrating the competitive nature of said creations.

We have cupcakes that look like this:

And even in the local grocery store it’s hard to find a plain old vanilla cupcake. Or even chocolate.

Everything is fancy – Double chocolate brulee, Vanilla lavender, Tequila lime.

What was wrong with the cupcake? Why did we suddenly feel the need to elevate such a simple treat to something so pretentious?

Were kids complaining?

Or maybe it’s the adults. Perhaps we are compelled by some unknown factor to ingest 3/4 of our daily caloric intake in a single treat. A sub-conscious desire for Type-2 diabetes, perhaps?

Whatever it is, I feel bad for the little cupcake. No one thinks he’s good enough anymore. Poor little buddy.

I miss him.


5 thoughts on “What Was Wrong With Cupcakes?

  1. I appreciate a pretty cupcake as much as the next person (except for you, apparently), but I’ve found that the prettier the top, the drier and crumblier the bottom. My kids’ preschool doesn’t allow frosting, so they get the plain cupcakes on birthdays. The kids LOVE them just as well. When it’s frosted, that’s all that gets eaten. And ten minutes later my brain melts and runs out my ear due to the kids bouncing off the walls and shaking their heads back and forth like wild dogs.

    In short: Yes! to plain cupcakes.


  2. they even make wedding cakes out of them – at last someone else wanting a good old fashioned cup cake – I think these new creations are the new monstrosities of the modern world – cakes with bling and they dont even taste nice – which might excuse the OTTnis of them !! ugh:(


  3. I am at a loss on the cupcake fetish as well…I find all that icing just jams up into my nose. Sure it’s pretty as all get-out but…just not functional at all!
    BTW, just noticed I am in our blog roll under Blogs I Love Just Cause…SNIFFFFF!! MADE MY DAY!!!!


    • I was so disappointed to have lost my original blogroll in the move, so I have to rebuild – yours is one of my favorites – you and your hubby crack me up!

      But I have SO much work to do in that little corner. *sigh*


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