Is My Reputation Trashed?

I’m too fragile for social media. If someone unfollows or defriends me, I wonder why – what did I do? Was it something I said? (Probably) Why don’t they want to be my friend anymore?

I don’t go all crazy over it, stalk them or confront them about it. But it wounds me, as only the anti-social can be wounded – in a silent bitter way that causes me to withdraw for a week while I internally rant about how useless and artificial online relationships are. Then I go back and try to make new friends.

But I still think about it.

That riveting bit of insight may seem unrelated to what follows, but bear with me – it’s relevant.

So last week, while I was living the week of the absurd, a garbage dumpster was magically placed in my driveway.

Even though we had only called to inquire about it for a future building project, some strange miscommunication had it landing right behind my car last Tuesday.

Rear load dumpster. Picture taken at RenoFlex,...

Turns out, that was a good thing.

The week before our garbage man didn’t show up. Not the end of the world, but a bit annoying after I’d schlepped the bags to the roadside at 6:00 AM and tied them down against the invasion of crows.

He didn’t show up the week the dumpster was delivered, either.

So hubby took advantage of our shiny new receptacle by heaving two weeks worth of trash into it.

Since neither of us could remember or find the phone number to the garbage collector, we couldn’t call him. But yesterday, hubby ran into the young man that sometimes helps our collector.

Turns out he wasn’t collecting from us, because he has a problem with us.

The trash man has a problem with us.

How can the trash man have a problem with us?

We pay him. In cash. We bag our trash. We recycle the obvious so he never has ridiculous things to haul. If a bag is heavier than normal, we even leave extra money.

We do not let trash sit until it turns foul. No animal carcasses or illegal substances.

How can the trash man have a problem with us?

We don’t run in the same social circles, so that option is out, too. Hell, we don’t even have  a social circle.

And, was he going to let us know this at some point? Or was he just going to let us sit in our own filth until the CDC or pest control got involved? Until he saw us on an episode of Hoarders?

Now he’s not returning phone calls.

This might be our greatest fail. A basic societal fail, if you will.

We were rejected by the trash man.

And I may never know why even the garbage man doesn’t like us.


And will I keep obsessing about it?

You bet.

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16 thoughts on “Is My Reputation Trashed?

  1. Being a bit of an introvert myself, I was hoping for one of those nice little ‘Like’ buttons or something, so I could cleanly express my enjoying this without having to explain myself or anything… ¦-)


  2. Obsessing about the trash is totally worth your time. Follows and unfollows – not so much. I clean out my follows every so often, and there are so many spammers that unfollow and follow again that it’s a constant roller coaster.

    I hope the trash situation works itself out!


    • I try really hard not to let the unfollows bother me – especially since both FB and Twitter have spontaneous unfollows – I’d not be so sure of that were it not for the fact that my mom defriended me. My mom. So I know people just disappear. The trash however is going to be an issue, as we are returning the dumpster once done with the demo work!


  3. What kind of inconsiderate lout stops providing a service (particularly one such as trash removal) without any notice whatsoever. That’s just top-notch asshatery. On the other hand it does make one wonder what you were throwing away (are you sure you didn’t toss out a dead baby and a pound of smack?)

    btw- after reading (on your blog) about how people who read blogs should comments I figured I’d give notice that your tweets do not go unnoticed.


    • Hi! No dead babies, dismembered corpses, toxic waste or anything else. We are terribly boring in our middle age. And comments are wonderful! I just moved this blog from another location, and now I have to rebuild what was a healthy following from scratch. Comments make me feel less like I’m writing in a vacuum.Thanks for stopping by!


    • Glad I’m not the only one who would mildly obsess over the why! Always feel a bit on the crazy side when I start doing this.


  4. I’m not sure which is more weird to imagine… Being dumped by the trash man or having your mother defriend you on Facebook (ugh! I hate those automated things). Are you sure you can’t give your trash man a reason to have a problem with you? Say a review in the local paper? Or do you not feel that vindictive? (and should I be embarrassed to say that I would do it?)


  5. Yes, where is the like button! I loved this post. Maybe there should be a love button instead? (maybe, on second thoughts that sounds a bit risque) anyway, that dumpster guy sounds like a total asshole, or arsehole as we say in the UK.

    As for the unfollows, unfriends thing, I have to confess that I am the same. It’s emotionally draining isn’t it!


  6. Oh, this post makes me feel so at home, although I am old enough to be your mother–I am fine she has the job–we are kindred spirits in being “unfriended.” In my case, I am so ingenuous I actually think people want to follow me for a precise reason–it’s not my age but it is a lifelong issue–I rant and rave but can’t be near a keyboard.

    As for the trash man, he’s is a necessary friend, issues or no. Send him to me and when he returns, his issue will be with me. Okay, so that was a little too mother-y.



    • Mother-y or not, that last part made me laugh! Thanks for checking in so often and helping me spread the word about my new location.


  7. It’s funny – I posted this out of pure frustration and bewilderment – just a quick rant that had to get out of my head – surprised by the number of comments – thanks for stopping by and making me feel a tad less nuts for finding this whole episode really strange.


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