The Difference Between Young and Old

Everyone reads the fortune in their cookie. Even if you’re like me and you don’t actually eat the cookie, you’ll still crack it open, see what’s inside. You may try and pronounce the word, or glance at the lucky numbers to see if they remotely match the number string allowed in Powerball, but mostly we all want the same thing – the fortune.

An unopened fortune cookie

Yesterday we had the rare Chinese take-out binge and came home with so much food we got a dozen cookies to share between the three of us.

The 4 year-old opened his first. You will soon wear new clothes.

I helped him sound out the last word, but otherwise he nailed it himself.

“Yay!” He jumped around and did a little twist. “We’re going shopping soon and I can get clothes, and maybe a new toy!”

While he did his little dance, my husband opened his own cookie. “You will soon wear new clothes.”

Startled, we both took a moment to reflect on the likelihood of the same fortune twice. Then we spoke at the same time.

“Great, I have to go buy you a funeral suit.”

“That sucks. I look awful in prison orange.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between young and old.

Oh, and mine? Mine was shorter. You will be enlightened.


3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Young and Old

  1. Ha ha I love it Lynnette, the differences between young & old! A brilliant subject for pondering. Another subject for pondering, is the source of the fortunes…I’ve often imagined a factory somewhere with little old ladies manning the ticker tape ‘fortune’ machines, cracking jokes as they crank them out by the dozen!! 🙂


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