10 Links on Writing From Start to Finish

The 10 x 10 project has been languishing. My aversion to list-making has crept back up full force, so today is an effort to push it back. And since there has been a lot of great writing posts floating about recently, and some important ones, I figured I’d share by knocking out a list.

1. I’ll start with the most important. Maybe it’s my own paranoia, but I can’t share this post by Roni Loren with enough people. It’s a MUST read for any blogger grabbing pics from the web and complimenting their words with images that belong to someone else. The pictures are great, but if you think you can’t be sued, think again.

2. And because Roni’s post is a must read, so is Kristen Lamb’s solution. Get in on the WANA world and check out her WANA Commons post for info on cheap pictures, and more incredibly, the WANA Commons Flickr pool she has created. (And join WANATribe!!)

3. For a link on the actual art of writing, a recent sweet spot is Jenny Hansen’s post on Subtext. Let’s not beat readers about the face and neck, people. Use subtext! Remember that your readers are smart, they’ll get it.

4.  I also love this post on the power of voice from Robin LaFevers over at Writer Unboxed. If you aren’t following them you should be – great info from a site put together for writers and aided by Donald Maass. If you don’t know that name, Google it.

5.  Jami Gold addresses another craft issue that often has me rolling my eyes – love at first sight. I have a little Spock in me, I guess, because I always think ‘that’s not even logical.’ Seems Jami has the same idea, but unlike me, she has the antidote after attending a workshop by Michael Hauge.

6. Once you have worked out the subtext, gotten rid of the illogical and figured out how to end your story, you ought to lay it out for critique. But we are so bad at accepting criticism, we might just listen to a critique and stalk off indignantly. Just like you let a work sit before editing, let a critique sit before dismissing it. Becky Levine explains why.

7. And since we’re looking at writing habits and mindsets, let’s just go ahead and admit something.  Everything we’ve been told about writing is wrong. This is an older post from the Red Pen of Doom, but I don’t care. It’s still valid, and he’s 100% right about Snyder’s Save the Cat. Love. That. Book.

8. To honor coming up on the end of my list, I’ll just go with a post from Sean M. Chandler on how NOT to end your story. Good advice here on avoiding ending with a device  that makes your reader put the book down and say, Well, what in Hell just happened there?

9. Once you have fought through the writing, the editing, the critique groups and your own bad habits, it’s time to submit. Marlena, over at the Larking Loner has some useful tips on getting over the submission jitters. I especially like her spreadsheet idea and will be building that little gem later today.

10. And since there are so many things to  consider when you are submitting work, here’s a final follow-up. What can you submit? What counts as previously published?  Does my blog count? What if it’s been work-shopped online? This post helps you make sense of the ultimate question – Do you have the right to submit that?
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4 thoughts on “10 Links on Writing From Start to Finish

  1. How sweet are you to mention Shannon Donnelly’s “Subtext” post?? Isn’t it awesome? I’ve got 5 new tabs open on my browser, which means you did something very right with this post. 🙂


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