Random Happiness. Or Possibly Possession.

I really shouldn’t be happy right now. Obscene work load, sick child, I missed the last 5 weeks of my RoW80 challenge; my paycheck got sent to a different employee’s account, leaving me with nothing except for checks bouncing like a cracked-out three-year-old with a trampoline, my radiator broke (!!) and I haven’t eaten all day.

But right now? None of that matters.

There’s no event to counter-weigh all of the above.

It’s simply that I quit. All of it. I’m giving myself a time-out.

I’m not addressing the email inbox, or the 17 voice mails waiting to be returned. I’m not waking my son to feed him. I’m not calling the bank, or cooking myself dinner.

I’m being. I’m listening to music that makes me happy and bouncing along in my chair. Right now I’m listening to this:


I’m smoking a cigarette with no hands and making Hunter S. Thompson faces as I type junk. I’m even ignoring the fact that the dog has to pee.

New happiness inducing song!


I’m hoping Quinn feels better tomorrow so we can go to the Common Ground Fair. Unless he’s still ill, we’re going, $240 worth of bad check fees be damned. The fair makes me happy. I’ve even been pausing between sentences to tie a knot in the produce bag I’m making to bring home the haul from the organic food stalls.

Violent Femmes! GREAT bouncy music!


I’m ignoring the fact that the Maine Women’s Writer page at the University of New England has spelled my name wrong. I’m reveling in the fact that it’s cool to be up on their blog roll.

And since it’s kind of like Carpe Diem for people like me, this may be tonight’s theme song (Don’t look at the title! Bear with it ’til the chorus, people!):


I’m also enjoying the fact that we carved a jack ‘o lantern in September, even though it will decay by Halloween.

My pumpkin! Which I’ve recently been told is sadistic. To which I say, “So?”

I was also given a couple of blog awards this week. A Versatile Blogger Award from Aaron over at Dad Blunders and a Liebster Award from Chewylicious So that’s also making me happy – Thanks guys, for contributing to my random happy moment here!

So it’s totally unexpected and totally unwarranted, and really, totally unlike me, but there it is – random joy. And I was smart enough to step off the track and roll with it.

So with one last happy song, I’ll leave you. Maybe you’ll be lucky and this is contagious. My cynical realist just snort-laughed at that, but Hell, I tried.



* Side note:

This is the first time, ever, that I have used the tag ‘Happiness’ on this blog. Wow. Debbie Downer, or what?


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