A Modest Post Halloween Proposal

The little went out last Sunday, did the room to room Trick or Treat at my Mom’s nursing home. Those people give out LOTS of candy.


Then of course, last night we did more – door to door in our own neighborhood.


As a result, we have 2 gallons of candy.


Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy (Photo credit: Rochelle, just rochelle)


What have we set ourselves up for with this?


A loooooooong period of, “No, you can’t have that.”


And of course after this, before the candy is even gone, come the pies of Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. And for us, this is followed by birthday cake for the little. And somewhere in that mix is my own birthday cake.


That’s a lot of junk.


So I have a new plan.


The day after Halloween there should be another round of door to door, another round of costumes.


But this time it should be adults dressed up. And there should be consistency in the costumes – elves, every one.


And they should go door to door, they should ask the kids to share their Halloween booty.


This is why they need to be elves.


When the children say, “No!” as they are likely to do when asked to part with their hard-won candy loot, the elves pull the trump card.


“Santa’s watching, looking for good boys and girls.  Good boys and girls share. You don’t want to be on the naughty list do you? Don’t you want Santa to bring you presents?”


There it is. My plan is to blackmail children into giving up their Halloween candy in exchange for being placed on Santa’s Nice list.


Presents are better than candy, right?


I should have my own advice column.


I’m rocking this whole Mom thing.



4 thoughts on “A Modest Post Halloween Proposal

  1. Presents are better than candy. That’s why my boys paid all their candy to me in exchange for new movies. We made it through Halloween without a sugar high and without whining. They got to have their fun and their health. It’s a win win.


    • Ooh, I like that idea – candy for movies. Or maybe a game. Hate Quinn having too much candy, between the sugar crazies and the size he is naturally, eating WELL, he could run into issues if we let him have a ton of junk.


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