Screw Equality, That’s Some Freaky Sh*t

redI’m sure you’ve seen this today – on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Just in case you have been living under a rock and don’t get it, here’s a two sentence education:

The symbol stands for the support of equality. It’s everywhere today because the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about two equality cases – one regarding California’s Prop 8, the other regarding the Defense of Marriage Act.

And this post? If a full-blown rant.

For those of you who support equality, good for you. You recognize that people are people, love is love, and family is family.

For the rest of you…the ones talking about what the queers are doing to the institution of marriage, the definition of marriage, the slippery slope that will result in being able to marry a frigging dog, and the God argument…please check in to reality with the rest of us.

First  – the destruction of marriage. Are you kidding me? How many hetero couples have filed for divorce this year? How many adulterers are there out there? How many dead beat dads and break down mothers? You think the gay population getting TOGETHER is going to damage an institution that is falling apart? If anything, they will have a better understanding of how precious it is, as it was denied for so long – much the same way a man dying of thirst has a greater appreciation for water than you do right now.

And the defining of marriage argument kills me.

In a court brief, council Charles Cooper had this to say in the Prop 8 argument, “Marriage owes its existence to the undeniable biological reality that opposite-sex unions — and only such unions — can produce children.”

That’s your argument? Really? So why, then, do we not have to mandate that all married couples bear children? Why do we not force the annulment of marriages when one or both members of the union are unable to procreate? And why do we not take the children out of single family homes?

Also, Mr. Cooper – Science is quite near to making that a factually inaccurate statement…what then? It already has, if you count artificial insemination.

And the slippery slopers? You people have to be trying to sound this ridiculous. Honestly. When women were given the ability to vote, did we suddenly see people lobbying for us to count the votes of dogs? Rights are rights, and it was agreed upon at the birth of this country that they are inalienable, not something to be granted or withheld at the whim of the paranoid and reactionary. Stop being an idiot.

And that brings me to the God argument…the people who want to save their souls.

Don’t. Please, just don’t. Every person’s relationship with God, Divine Energy, Allah or whatever you want to call it, is personal. Their transgressions, if there are any, will be accounted for by the individual.

You cannot save my soul. And for you to believe that you can is the ultimate insult to God. You believe you can speak for Him? You believe you know his mind?

What hubris. What an appalling, horrifying sense of sinful, self-righteous pride.

Most of the religions that have zealots slinging hurtful words and deadly bullets come from peaceful prophets. And this violence against your fellow man is the antithesis of those holy principles.

You should be ashamed. You should ask your God for forgiveness for presuming to know his mind and striking out to hurt one of the children he so loves.

And doesn’t God love all of us? Isn’t that your point?


6 thoughts on “Screw Equality, That’s Some Freaky Sh*t

  1. I noticed a tweet about this rant and just had to come check it out. I was unaware of the Supreme Court dealings regarding those laws you mentioned but some points of note are here.

    The matter of equality…for women, men, same-sex couples, immigrants, ethnic groups, seniors, mothers, the disabled, etc. will continue to be an issue so long as we live in an imperfect world…which is the world we live in and as much as I’d like to say changes will be made to improve inequality, I think it would be better for us all as a people…as human beings to just come together when we need to and when we don’t, its best to mind our own business and/or at the very least, not contribute to a world where some people are not able to enjoy the same liberties as we do.

    That said, I believe that the same-sex route is a choice and thus, expecting to convince everyone to go along with or support one’s choices will be an uphill battle. Everyone won’t agree on it, so there the challenge is just getting enough people to support it. If enough people support it, maybe that will make the difference.


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