Bloggers Wanted. No, Seriously.

Okay, it is time to light a fire underneath a plan I devised quite some time ago, inspired by my very funny friend Andi Brunett at The World 4 Realz, and her desire to elevate Dino Dogan’s Triberr to what it has the potential to be, which is awesome.

Don’t know what Triberr is? Read this. I’ll wait.


My experience with Triberr was a bit shaky at first. Some tribes required all tribe posts to be shared, there are tribes full of contest and coupon blogs. It felt a bit spammy. I almost ran away. I am glad I didn’t.

I stuck around, grew my little blog and met some really cool people.

Then I met some more cool people. Wait, new Tribe, but those are the SAME people. Doh!

Ok, so a different new Tribe. Wait, THOSE guys are the same people too.


There is a bit of inbreeding. Writers flock to writerly tribes, funny people flock to humor tribes, which is part of the point. But I also think it is limiting.

I’m sick of eating my cousin’s same damn potato salad at every gathering.

And since variety is the spice of life and all that, I’m breaking out.

I started my own new Tribe – Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist: spirit of the age or spirit of the time

wantedI am aiming to create a topicless Tribe. Spellcheck would prefer I have a topless Tribe.

Writing and funny are what keep me going. But I do other things too. I garden. I cook. I try to keep my kid from turning into an idiot or an asshole.

And I’m pretty sure that everyone else does too.

So I want to create a carefully cultivated, hand-picked, invitation only Tribe that covers, well – everything.

Life. The spirit of our time.

There aren’t going to be many rules.

  1. You do not have to share every post. You don’t even have to share from every member. But you have to share. Not sharing at all makes you an asshole that is just in it for the reach.
  2. No assholes. I expect there to be arguments, I hope to have flip sides of many coins represented. Stating your opinion is fine, arguing is great. But don’t be a douche about it.
  3. Say something. You don’t have to be profound, or brilliant. But your blog has to have content. Make me laugh. Teach me something new. Show me a different perspective.

That’s it, the end of the rule list.

I have been poking around, lurking in Tribes here and there, but I really want fresh blood.

Below are topics that I am looking for, with some additional guidelines for some. If you want in to grow the reach of your own blog, or know of a great blog that you think should grow, let me know.

Humor – looking for 3-5 humor blogs (additional guideline: be funny)

Gardening blogs – 2-4 blogs looking for both food and pretties

Artistic medium bloggers 2-5 blogs, looking for someone on books, someone on music and someone on art (additional guideline:Β  please, variety here…not just review after review, or product push after product push.)

Self-help – we all need it. Looking for 1-2 blogs. But please don’t just throw up Zig Zigler all over me.

Parenting – 2-4 blogs looking for both tips/advice pages, as well as anecdotal blogs

Relationships – 1-2 blogs – interactive Dear Abby style preferred, but not mandatory

Foodies – 1-3 blogs (additional guideline – not just a recipe blog, nor review only blogs – variety of content here please!)

Random Ranters – 2-4 blogs – blogs of no particular topic, but again variety and CONTENT – there is a difference between rambling and ranting. Ranting is about something.

Left wing agenda commentary AND Right wing agenda commentary 2-4 blogs additional guidelines: Keep it civil. this does not mean no bad language, it means recognizing that we are all, first, people. Our opinions are secondary to that.

Environmental 1-3 blogs, green living, legislation coverage, wide potential range here

Social culture blogs – 3-6 blogs, addressing LGBT, racial issues, gender equality, etc.

Techies – 1-3 blogs, information presented for laymen consumption on electronics, computing and gaming

Photography – 1-2 original photo blogs

Writing 2-4 blogs, especially looking for an indie pub expert, would LOVE an agent wiling to join

Money 1-2 blogs on the handling of money, living frugally, debt and saving, whether you do it well, or catastrophically. NOT a coupon/giveaway blog.

Health 2-4 blogs Nutrition, fitness, medical news. Looking for range here, too.

Your blog topic not mentioned? Hit me up with ideas. This list is pre-coffee, I’m sure I missed something.

And to anyone that reads this, please, please – share this in your social media circle – I am trying to reach out and find blogs I have never met before!!!

If you’re still reading, you must be interested. So here are the finer details.

If you aren’t already a member of Triberr, you need to sign up. Ditto for a Twitter account.

You have to have a blog. That should go without saying, but so does not spraying Windex into your eyes, and that’s on the instructions label, too.

Contact me in some way with a link so I can check out your work.

Put “Zeitgeist” somewhere in the contact forum.

Click here for Facebook access

Twitter is great – @rantravewrite

You can also explore Tribes on Triberr, but you have to scroll aaaaaaaall the way to the end, find Zeitgeist and follow the Tribe – you can leave a message for me on the board there.

Email – rantravewrite {at} gmail – this is the slowest response – I forget I HAVE an email, so only check it about once a month.

Or, the most obvious –Β  just leave a comment on this post with your link.

**And to my existing Tribemates – I am trying to limit linking up to anyone I am ALREADY in a Tribe with, though there will be a few exceptions. The whole point of this project is change. But if you have a Tribe mate in a different tribe that you think would be a good addition let me know.

***Oh, and there is no actual payment for this, in case you aren’t familiar with Triberr – your payout is in the significantly expanded reach and increased blog traffic on your site.


22 thoughts on “Bloggers Wanted. No, Seriously.

  1. Well, I am simply floored that you gave me a mention, Lynette! Thank you so much for the shout-out, and for letting me know I add spice to your life! You do the same for me, I hope you know. I understand you’re trying to cut back on the in-breeding — since you and I are already in several of the same tribes, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make the cut. I will definitely be following your new tribe, however, and I am sure you’ll have lots of cool material for me to share. Good luck in your efforts here. I’m uber-impressed! πŸ™‚

    PS. I fkn LOVE the word zeitgeist!!! If I didn’t already like you bunches, this alone would’ve sealed the deal!!! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m not quite sure what category I’d fall into, probably a bit of self help but I’ll leave you to judge that – never been entirely sure how to classify my blog. I’d love to be involved though, always interested in finding great new blogs and meeting other bloggers.
    You do realise that now I’m probably going to lose hours of my day looking through Triberr to see what it’s all about though πŸ˜€
    The overview is probably the best page to get an idea for where the blog started although my Year of TED has officially been over for a while, so the posts are a little broader now.


  3. Lynnette, this is a seriously wonderful idea. As a nerd queen, I don’t think I fit your categories, but I’d be honored to be part of the tribe, if you want to squee-gee me in somewhere. Most of my rants end up in my morning pages and not on my blog, but lots of things get my Irish up. My nerd blog is somewhat dormant right now (, as I am working on transferring it all to

    I am on Triberr, although I have never done more than sign in, peek around, been turned off by the spam and left.

    In any case, I will follow what I can of Zeitgeist, if I don’t make the cut.


  4. Since I’m the BIGGEST mess in this industry…let me just help my dearest friend find one. Hahaha! Great idea, sweet Lynnette! I wish you all the best of luck. Love yah. Hugs and kisses! ❀ ❀ ❀ (BTW, I shared it on Twitter and Facebook to catch some attention…and Skype, too! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ )


  5. Hi everyone! I will be browsing through the candidates this weekend as well as taking some random blog journeys through unexplored parts of the interwebs looking for new blood. Thatnks for the interest, I am excited to get this project off the ground. Finally.


  6. I’ve seen your Tweet about wanting blogs several times and finally clicked the link. Now, with feeling: Pick me! Pick me!

    I’d classify myself as a Random Ranter. I rant about life, including unemployment, employment, and clinical depression, but throw in humor now and then to keep from dragging everyone down.

    The blog:
    My latest post is depression, but a couple down you get a cheese factory anecdote.


    • Hi Lyric, I am glad you clicked. I checked out your blog this morning and I love it. It’s visually beautiful, and your posts have an engaging, conversational tone to them, even when you are posting about the unhappy. Are you already in Triberr, or do you need a link to register? I totally want you in Zeitgiest.


  7. Hmmmm … what was that old line about not wanting to join a club that would accept me as a member? (No, it wasn’t Woody Allen, he got it from someone else.)

    I don’t cook, I don’t garden, and I don’t have any kids (because I was afraid they would turn out to be idiots or assholes and it would be all my fault). Still want me in the clique?

    I’ll be your money gal but don’t expect any boring posts on budgets and getting out of debt. Me write funny sometimes.

    Thanks for the invite. Thrilled to be asked. See ya soon!


  8. Remember that quote about not wanting to join a club that would want you as a member? (No, it wasn’t Woody Allen, he got it from someone else.)

    I don’t cook, don’t garden, and don’t have any kids — I was afraid they would turn out to be idiots or assholes and it would be all my fault.

    I’ll be your money gal but don’t expect boring posts on budgets and getting out of debt. Me write funny sometimes.

    Thrilled to be asked! See ya soon.


    • Funny is good! Your style is exactly why I hit you up – there are a skinny zillion budget planner, investment tips, typical stuff blogs out there. Which, while in ridiculous debt, I can’t bring myself to read. 5 minutes on your blog made me rethink my mother’s request for co-executor of her will. I want blogs I want to read! I couldn’t find you on Triberr – if you want in, create an account at and let me know. I would love to have you.


  9. I could have sworn I posted a thank you here, but I don’t see it. The Internet eats things; I’ve always believed that.

    I appreciate being included and being retweeted. I don’t have to try to be different — finally something that comes naturally!

    I sincerely look forward to reading and learning from everyone in this tribe.


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