Duck Dynasty Willies and WHERE Am I?

There are a lot of things about people that confuse me.

Reality television is one of those things.

I’m sure there are some reality shows that have merit. Somewhere. Maybe.

But it all ultimately comes down to you watching people do things. Not anything spectacular, just stuff. Arguing. Shopping. Hunting. Making moonshine. Whatever.


Stuff you could do, as opposed to watching other people do.

We are going to be having a reality show here soon. Cow Shit Corner.

Not kidding.

First, Cow Shit Corner is a real place. It’s just down the road from me. You can check in on FourSquare.

And someone, somewhere, decided that this should be a reality show.

Here’s a trailer:

I live here. I know some of those guys. My husband calls “Marijuana Pete” “Prospector Pete,” because of his laugh, and the beard. I once got into an argument at a town council meeting with Fenderson over fertilizer application.

And if I thought about it for 1000 years, I couldn’t imagine how anyone in their right mind would think this is a fine idea. A marketable one.

Obviously, that is a personal failing, because it is, and it’s coming.

It’s going to be right up there with Duck Dynasty in regards to cultural improvement and viewing popularity.

And Duck Dynasty is popular. It’s fully merchandised.

I saw these the other day at the big blue horror store.


Not sure what it is?
Here’s a pic of the tag:

D2Gives you the willies, doesn’t it? The idea of stepping out of the pool, or worse, the shower, all wet and vulnerable and wrapping that face around your parts.

Am I going to see towels bearing Pete’s prospector beard and grinning maw staring down at me from the big blue devil’s shelves one day?

I shudder to think about it.

Instead, I am going to think about other things.

Like moving.



3 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Willies and WHERE Am I?

  1. That towel is terrifying. And really makes no sense.

    I’ve come to realize that the only reality shows are the competition ones that involve people participating in something they’re passionate about and creating things (things I more than likely can’t…,) Project Runway, Top Chef, Face Off. Those shows are incredible; the things they create are so stunning. The drama gets a little over-the-top sometimes (although everyone on Face Off is always so refreshingly professional and drama-free). Now, if only I could sew. Or cook for a hundred people. Or create awesome facial prosthetic…

    Although now I have to wonder what a competition show with writers would be like. Probably mostly a lot of coffee and booze and rants about writer’s block.


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