How Do the Brilliant Stay Sharp?

We’re going to play a little game.

Below, you will find a series of answers to a question posed by an organization that has a significant world-wide presence. Your job is to determine which organization’s Facebook feed I snagged these from.

But first, their innocuous question:

questionNow for the answers. To be fair, I cherry picked; the comments string was really long…but I made a point of showing groups so there was context.

Mensa1Ok, so there we have the Facebook post about avoiding Facebook, liquor, caffeine and… yeah, what’s that other thing about??

mensa3If arguing with stupid people makes your brain sharper, I am a frigging scalpel.

Mensa 2Reading, games – all good. And wet, whet – what’s the difference?

mensa4And here we see two of my favorites – designer vagina inspector and lie spinner. How can those not make one sharp?

So which inspired groups of individuals are we looking at here?

Whose Facebook feed is this?

 American Mensa

Of course, not all those commenting are members, surely. But I’d assume a fair number of the commentators are, in fact, members.

Because, really, who trolls a board for a high IQ society?

I abstained from posting a comment – what I do to stay sharp is try to determine if my 5 year-old really brushed his teeth and where that funky smell on the porch is coming from. I believe both to require more brain power than a game of Scrabble.

My truth is sad, so that would leave only my natural fall back – snark. And I kind of try to avoid that snark factor until I get the feel of a group. Sometimes – sometimes – snark isn’t appreciated.

Instead, I’ll just go pour a shot of whiskey into my coffee and play some word games before I resume my web spinning – I have more words to write.

But now I’m curious – how do you stay sharp?



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