Is This Thing On??

So I had a blog, once. Or I have one. I’m not really sure which. The last time I KNOW I had a blog was 2015 when I rambled on about Charles Ingalls, pie, and existential crises.

Then I got so far inside my own head that the words got stuck, and I ignored it for a while. And the reminders to re-register my domain. Or I didn’t get any reminders. Or I couldn’t afford to renew. Or I was too busy.

It is also possible I am just an idiot.

So it expired. And I couldn’t even get back to the WordPress version. It was hopelessly tangled with the domain version and I didn’t have the patience to sort it out.

I tried to come up with a new blog, but couldn’t get beyond the name. I liked the name rantravewrite.

It’s right. It suits me.

And I didn’t think naming a blog Dipshit’s Penance had a great ring to it.

I thought I’d give it the old college try before I gave up though.

So, in the spirit of the college try, I got toasty and stared at the screen blankly for 45 minutes while listening to music and trying to remember why I came back here.

When I remembered, I hit the link and…it worked?

It seems to have worked. But I’m not certain. It could be that only I am seeing this. Sitting in a closet, talking to myself.

So, I have to ask….is this thing on? Can you hear me now?

If you can, leave a comment, let me know how you found me here. The closet is dark, and the cat keeps biting me because it’s her favorite place to sleep.


14 thoughts on “Is This Thing On??

  1. Weird story…I was thinking about this very blog today and wondering when to fuck you would start it again…if ever. Great minds…or something like that.
    So yeah…testes, testes….1, 2, …3???


  2. Yay! Admittidly i get told my domain register ( has nothing to do with IT or me at all. I registered just to get a blog set up but the idea was abandoned for what (in the furture!) will be a business site. Your blog teaches me things so im always thankful for that.


  3. Yes!!!! Your back!!! I have missed reading (and laughing so hard I piss my pants) at the things you write! Ps. Still fucking waiting for the “family gems” book to be release!!! Or at least written about lol!! Glad your back! Now get writing!

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