Open Rant to Congress

I am pretty sure my brain is imploding. Not even kidding. I went to the ER on Monday because my head was literally popping, my husband could HEAR it.

It’s a good thing I have insurance.

The doctor said it was a combination of migraine, pneumonia and sinus infection.

I think it was something else. I think it was incredulity at the idea that the government was actually going to shut down, that we have elected officials willing to dig their heels in and act like petulant children because they didn’t get what they wanted.

And, you know, fuck us.

I totally recognize that there are a number of stated reasons behind this shut down, but much of it comes down to the Affordable Care Act. Or Obamacare, as some people are wont to call it.

Republican controlled House has tried over 40 times to repeal it. 40 times.

40 times.

About that –

First, you know that adage – doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results being the definition of insanity? Yeah, you have that nailed.

Then there’s the thank-you-for-wasting-valuable-time-banging-your-heads-against-a-brick-wall-instead-of-doing-something-PRODUCTIVE-in-there aspect of this.

I’d have rather seen you guys in party hats dancing around Gangnam Style. Try to repeal it once. maybe twice. Give it a good ol’ college try.

BUT 40+ TIMES?????

And what do you do when it doesn’t work? You cross your arms, put your head in the air and refuse to play. Are you nine????

And what drives me most nuts about this, is the REPUBLICAN talking heads that bring up the “exemptions” of federal staffers.

You’re making people all crazy over this. WHAT? The people on the hill are exempt? How Unfair! Foul!

But…you aren’t really qualifying WHAT that exemption means.

Lots of people would be WAY less freaked out about that if you mentioned that the federal employees are exempt from the perspective of them being the ONLY group FORCED out of their employer funded health plan and being MADE to participate in the exchange.

NO ONE else is being forced into that if they have employer coverage. Just like the president said.

And you making a big issue of how now the tax payers will have to pay for them to participate in the exchange?

You split-tongued assholes. If they had employer (aka US GOVERNMENT) funded health plans to begin with, we were ALREADY paying for their health plans.

And who had this great idea to MAKE them participate in the exchange? YOU did.

You have tried really hard to pull it off, to gain enough support to force congressional hands – every time the word Obamacare came out of your mouth, you confused one more citizen who can’t be bothered to read or identify a primary source.

I think Jimmy Kimmel’s little about-town foray the other day is great evidence of how successful you were in confusing the American people.

So what have you accomplished there? Created LESS informed citizens that will vote.


But at least that sword slices both ways.

And who gets hurt by all this?

Not you. You surely have a nice little cushion in the bank to pay your bills and buy food for your families. You’re all good to hunker dawn, have a snow day.

Sooo many other people are hurting. Regular people. We, the people.

Like the vets that arrived to see the DC memorial.

Like the couple that had booked their honeymoon as a national park adventure trip.

Like ALL THE KIDS ON WIC! Sure, there is enough in the local coffers to keep that rolling for a short while, but then what? If you need 8.00 worth of assistance for vegetables, you NEED those 8.00. I know. I needed them once.

Like all the federal employees that live paycheck to paycheck who suddenly won’t be getting one. Because, well, screw them and their service.

But what IS still happening?

Payroll taxes.

Which is funny. Because a while back, many moons ago, there was a big fracas in our country about taxes. The people revolted over taxation without representation.

I think they did something to Boston Harbor…what was it?

That’s right. They dumped boatloads of tea into the harbor. Had themselves quite a little tea party revolt.

And today? Those people who stood up to their government and demanded change are rolling in the graves.

Because today’s Tea Party movement is, to a large degree, responsible for this travesty.

So why don’t you all crawl down off your high horse, go back to work and MOVE ON.

Put on the big girl panties and recognize when you have to admit defeat. Don’t sit there and whine about not getting what you wanted; what’s done is done. Look to the next thing on the horizon and try to make our country better.

God knows, we need all the help we can get.





5 thoughts on “Open Rant to Congress

  1. Reblogged this on thesifotsnextdoor and commented:
    I am 57 years old. I worked for 35 years and at age 54, after a lifetime of work, found myself sick and homeless.

    I got that way through a series of events, that anyone familiar with my primary blog, knows. For those who don’t, let’s just say, it was a perfect storm of a bad personal lifetime from childhood through adulthood, although I had 2 very good professional careers.

    I went blind in 2004, with cataracts, but as I was under the age of 50, my health insurance would cover only 1200.00 of what would be a 7,000.00 operation. At the time, I was married to a man who was looking for any possible excuse to get me out of his life, after we had worked together. We had 2 acres in the country and a Palm Harbor home. I thought I could slow down on both my professional playing and my work in IT, when my mother died. Life had other plans. He and I were already having trouble, as I was finding it harder and harder to trust him. He didn’t want to add me to his insurance, and he had a small inheritance left over from when his uncle died. When my mother died, he decided he would quit his high-dollar job and return for a B. S. in Social Work. You can read about this episode here: as I really want to get to the point of Lynnette’s post. After all was said and done, I had to leave. I ended up with some type of settlement, but less than half, as I was weak and sick, I was trying to buy a house in Tampa, to have something for a retirement. The people I was buying on a rent to own plan, went bankrupt and I spent the next 2 years fighting banks and another stupid choice I let into my life, although I didn’t marry this one.

    In September 2010, I ended up in TGH, Tampa General Hospital, under protection. I spent 2 months getting back on my feet, learning to walk again. I was homeless and placed in a shelter. I was under the auspices of Homeless Recovery and as they had already filed for Full Disability for me, with the blindness, life-long depression, failure to thrive from childhood, and a host of other things, I received my SSDI in record time; 5 months, October 2010, checks of 1080.00 per month beginning in March 2011. Now, here’s the Catch-22, as long as I was on Homeless Recovery and receiving 200.00 worth of Food Stamps, I had ALL Medical care covered. Getting me back on my feet cost the State of Florida and HIllsborough County roughly 500k. Yet, once I started to receive an SSDI check in March of 2011, being under 55, there is a waiting period for Medicare and Supplemental of 2 years. I was placed on something called, the “Medically Needy” program here in Florida. So, basically, everything that had been fixed and had to be maintained began to slide away. I ended up being committed, or Baker Acted in March, 2012, during Mental Awareness Month. I could not afford the meds I needed. I found out I am bipolar, as well as depressed. I have Asperger, too. We used to say “doesn’t play well with others.” I developed some kind of Parkinsonism, and my COPD and CHF have worsened. I would have had to meet my “share of cost” every month of 960.00 before Medicaid or the State of Florida would pay a dime.

    I’ve never played the system. I ended up in the ER a few times, when lung infections forced me to go, or I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But there are people who live around me who have no scruples about calling 911 at the first of every month and gaming the system. That’s one reason why the system’s broken.

    As of now, today, October 2, 2013, I am sitting here, with a pile of papers for blood work, more wheezing tests, another colonoscopy, which shouldn’t be until I am 60; 2 years and 2 months. My white blood cell count is high-ish (or so I tell myself — I worked in a teaching hospital during college — my sugar is all over the place, 335 to 51. I have dementia, at times. I am going to be screened for lipoid disorders. This ALL could have been avoided. One reason, is my 3rd ex-husband, Bill Nunnally, and there should be a law where he could be tried for attempted murder. Yes. It was that bad.

    There’s tons of blame to go around for the mess we’re in. Lynnette properly pinpointed the cause of the ignorance of the masses with her Jimmy Kimmel video.

    But, it goes so much deeper than that. What have we wrought when we we have pictures of John Boehner so shit-faced in public, he can barely stand up? What kind of people are we electing? Why aren’t we madder than this?

    We should be storming the gates of Congress with pitchforks and torches and raising 81 kinds of hell. They will sit up there and do what they’ve been doing all along, NOTHING! Because we don’t do anything. We write a few polite letters; start a few MoveOn.Org petitions and go back to our lives.

    While these FUCKS fuck with our lives. They are not going to do anything unless they are made to. President Obama can orate and he’s a fine orator, the likes of which I haven’t seen since, Martin Luther King, Jr., when he’s on, but that’s not gonna cut it.

    Voting the bastards out for a new group of bastards isn’t going to cut it. We have the Bastard of all Bastards down here for Governor, Rick “Crowbar Charisma” Scott. He lied, cheated and used his poorly-made medical equipment on Florida prisoners to hurt and in some cases, kill them. I know this first hand. Why? Because I live with a man who was a Florida prisoner. This was not a bad life choice.

    People like poor JC expect marginalization. They expect to be pushed aside. I say Bullshit! By pushing the American public aside 40+ TIMES we are ALL being marginalized. We are already seeing the erosion of our Constitutional rights by the alphabet groups; NSA, FBI, CIA and I would wager that Habeas Corpus has been violated as well. We are no longer citizens of this country. The State exists only to ensure the existence of the State. Think about it.

    Lynnette, thank you so much my darling for letting me reblog your blog. Get better soon!


  2. Fantastic piece, you have written down much of what has been buzzing around in my head making me aggravated to the point of, well, MY head popping! I would just like to add another very large contingent of people who will be in really rough shape if this continues very long, and they are the small businesses who depend on the places that have been shut down in whatever way. Up here in Bar Harbor, obviously Acadia’s closure could be devastating. These last three weeks of our real season are crucial to most of us, the final chance to beat down the line of credit and head into winter a tad less stressed than when it ended. But it’s not just us. How about the guy with the hot dog cart outside the federal building where most of the employees have been furloughed? And the small businesses that we, in turn, support by our wholesale purchases? I am very sorry for the furloughed workers; I’m sure it is a difficult place to be. But chances are they will get paid once this is over. Those of us with small businesses that are suffering will not. So much for Republicans being the party for business. I never bought it anyway.


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